Life History

“It’s not going to happen again” is what I keep telling myself but the fear that lingers, the doubts that hide, even the smallest chance of possibility rises from the dark and engulfs all the light. I keep telling myself, “I will never put myself in the position again”, “That will never be me”, and… Read More Life History


She doesn’t know whether or not you like her style. She doesn’t know whether or not you like the sound of her voice. She isn’t sure whether she is bothering you or just having a normal conversation. She isn’t sure whether you enjoy her company or is just being polite. She doesn’t know if you’re… Read More Unsure


Somedays I just want to scream. I want to yell out the comebacks I’ve always held back in fear of hurting someone else. I want to shout the words I’ve always felt but didn’t want someone else to take it the wrong way. I want to scream everything that I’ve held back…wanting to keep anyone… Read More Somedays