I watch my back. What do you expect? I may have my earphones in but the music is soft enough to the point that I can still hear the footsteps behind me getting closer. I may be in the middle of a time-sensitive project but I will still pause when I hear an abnormal sound… Read More

Life History

“It’s not going to happen again” is what I keep telling myself but the fear that lingers, the doubts that hide, even the smallest chance of possibility rises from the dark and engulfs all the light. I keep telling myself, “I will never put myself in the position again”, “That will never be me”, and… Read More Life History

Danger. Danger. Warning. Danger. I never got that warning. Or…it wasn’t loud enough, it wasn’t bright enough, it wasn’t apparent enough for me to pay attention to it through the smoke. It never blinked red. It never rang screeching loud sirens. It never caught my attention long enough. Danger. Danger. Warning. Danger.