If you’re new to my site, welcome! I hope you enjoy reading the many pieces published. Feel free to go back as far as you’d like, this isn’t Instagram where it’s weird to like something in the past.

I think once you scroll through and read a few stories, you get an idea of what I write about or what my style is.

I’ve always had a different way of seeing the world. But there are also different pairs of eyes I tend to switch to and from to see what I want. I have yet to find someone who can see the world as I see it, even if only through one of my pair of eyes.

I see the world through the dark clouds of my past which haunts me and covers around me.

I see the world through my camera lens that I have fallen in love with.

I see the world through the innocent eyes I have tried my best to protect from childhood.

I see the world through doubts and fears and questions.

I see the world through faith and hope and strength.

And I want to share that with you. I may not be able to allow you to see the world through my eyes, but I am able to share with you what it is that I see.

Maybe, along the way, I will find someone who sees the things I do.