When you bring him coffee in the morning because you know what a long night he had spent studying.
When you take care of her when she is ill, as gentle and as attentive as you can be.

When you stay on the phone with her, even when you are exhausted, because she woke up screaming after yet another nightmare.
When you cook food for him, learn the recipes to the things he loves, to see that smile on his face.

When you go to eat with him even when you just ate because you know he hasn’t eaten all day.
When you put up with her drama despite how ridiculous you may think it is.

When you go to bed, sick to your stomach, after any kind of argument that was left undone.
When you do the simple and boring tasks with her because it’s an excuse to have her by your side.

When you listen to them cry as they tell you about their nightmares, their fears, everything that troubles that little mind of theirs.
When you listen to your song together and slowly fall asleep after a long day out in the world when the only place you wanted to be was together.

When you break through her walls with persistence and fight for her even when she doesn’t believe she is worth it.
When you try to change his bad habits and encourage to work harder because you see his potential.

When you spend hours and hours on projects just to see the smile on his face when he opens it and hugs you.
When you reassure her that you are never going to abandon her, knowing how much her heart has been through.

When you risk getting brutally hurt all over again by being invested in her, invested in “us” because she is worth it all.
When you share what’s on your mind and what’s in your heart because you want him to see every part of you.

When you make him your mom’s special tea when he gets sick, in hopes of making his days a little easier to get by.
When you text her to let her know about your day, wishing she was a part of it all.

When you find yourself busy with your work and somehow he still slips into your mind once or twice…or maybe three or four times.
When you let her wear your jacket when she resists and promises she’s not cold while shivering her skin off.

When you listen to her stories, rants, and tangents even when you don’t care about what she’s saying.
When you remind him that you are there for him and will never go away because you know that’s what the heart needs to hear.

When you hold her hand in public and pull her closer to you, only feeling pride and joy that you’re with her.
When you dream of having adventures with him and start picturing all the places around the world you’d love to take him to.

When you feel safe beside him as if you can take on the world as long as he is there to stay.
When you put her in your priorities, at the top of the list, making her one of the most important in your life.

When you send texts throughout the day to make the other smile and know that they are on your mind.
When you set up date after date trying to spend the most time with them because that’s where you feel you belong the most.

When you try to be there for her through thick and thin even when she tries to act strong and put her barriers up.
When you write him letters to explain the things that go on in your head because you don’t know how else to explain it to him.

When you go out of your way to get that cup of coffee she loves but can never get around getting it herself.
When you lay in silence with him and cuddle with him, thinking that this is the best place to be.

When you can’t rest easy when he wasn’t supposed to text/call you when he got home, not knowing if he got home safe.
When you encourage her to chase her dreams despite what the rest of the world may say.

When you take them to their favorite cafe to see that spark of joy in their eyes as they look around in surprise.
When you hold them tightly in your arms, never wanting to let go, in hopes that you both could stay together forever.

When you try to think of excuses to see him and to talk to him, wanting him in your life all the time.
When you want the best for her and tell her the truth even though it may hurt.

When you check in on her throughout her days and listen to what happened at work just to see her smile.
When you want to have him in every part of your life with you.

When you show an interest in her passion because you love seeing the sparkle in her eyes when she is doing what she loves.
When you want to listen to what happened during his day so you can be there when he needs you, even if he doesn’t say he does.

When you experience life together, through the laughing and the crying, and can’t think of anyone else you’d rather be with.

When your love is also your best friend…


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