Now What?

What happens when you let someone into your heart and let them see everything inside you that never gets light shined upon? What happens when you start counting on someone to be there for you no matter what? What happens when you start dreaming about the future being this happy fairytale-like scene?

What happens everything in your life starts to fall into pieces? What happens when you find yourself making mistake after mistake with no sign of purpose? What happens when all you feel is helpless, useless, and hopeless? What happens when your mind refuses to stop panicking and refuses to see the light?

What happens when you get told everything you knew about happiness was a lie? What happens when your heart gets torn apart by the one person you thought would never betray your heart? What happens when you are forced to make a fresh start for yourself because the world you knew crashed down as if it was only a facade?

You start over.

You find strength to stand up once more.

You remember all you’ve been through, and everything that you are.

You teach yourself to be patient, especially with yourself.

You learn to push away the darkness in your mind.

You get back on your feet.

You start again.