Tomorrow’s Problem

I’ll be honest…I am incredibly scared of what’s yet to come. I mean, there are so many unknowns in even the next few months that we can never predict. Let’s be honest, there’s a part of every single one of us (even if the tiniest bit) that is scared and nervous about the future. And that’s never going to change.

I stayed up until three something the other night talking to a friend about ‘uncertainty’. There are a couple of very important relationships in my life that are incredibly rocky right now. There are a couple that I see potential in but don’t know if it’s worth my efforts or not. There’s the huge change that’s happening in my life. Soon, I’ll be learning in a whole new environment, experiencing a change of pace, and getting lost in everything that could be. Even though there is so much potential in the future that I see ahead of me during the couple years, there is also so much fear I hold in my heart for everything that could go wrong and prove to me that I simply wasn’t meant to be. There’s so much to be scared of.

Then I think, you can’t know if you can or cannot do something until you try. You don’t know what’s going to happen unless you go out there and try to make it happen. When you come to a fork in the road, you ultimately have to choose a path and trust yourself enough to have stay on track until it pans out.

I know it’s scary. I look to the future, even the next 6 months, and my hands start shaking. Everyone gets terrified of something – and that ‘something’ is usually the things that we do not know. But here’s something an old friend once said, “New territory does not always mean danger. It just means you have to take your time to make sure you are alright. And if you can do that correctly, I can say that everything will be alright, despite all odds.”

The fear of the future, the uncertainty of the unknown, is never going to go away. But the stress over what you don’t know and what you can’t control, ultimately can.

Start replacing your doubts with positive thoughts. Start thinking and “planning” everything you want to do and look forward to instead of questioning all the things that is out of your boundaries. I know it’s hard to change habit and, for some of us, everything we’ve grown up doing, but it’s not impossible.

I’m terrified for the next six months of my life, not even thinking about the next year or two! But I have to remember all the things I am excited for; I have to remember everything I get butterflies for; I have to keep in mind the things I get happy for. I’m excited to take more classes, to learn more, to meet new people and expand my connections. I’m looking forward to starting a new group, start working on new projects, and simply exploring a new environment.

And not to say that the future isn’t important, but that’s “tomorrow’s problem”. Not only do you need to stop freaking out about what’s yet to come but you also have to remember to live in the present and cherish everything that you have today. For me, that’s my sister graduating from her Master’s. That’s my friends getting their certificates and Associate’s. That’s my little sister graduating from high school. That’s working on my programming; that’s picking up a new language on my own. That’s work. That’s “today”.

Sometimes, your “tomorrow” can wait.
Sometimes, your fear can be put away.