Forgive and Forget?

I’ve made my fair share of mistakes…and I know I will continue to make mistakes, take wrong paths, etc. until the day I breathe my last breathe.

In elementary, I didn’t care about school.
In middle school, I didn’t care enough about school.
In high school, my freshman year, I got involved with the wrong people.
In high school, my sophomore year, I let my anger and pain get the best of me.
In high school, my junior year, I isolated myself in pain.
In high school, my senior year, I let my vulnerability and dependence on a boy, a kid, blind myself from my wrong doings.

I’ve lied to people. I’ve hurt people. I’ve abandoned people. I’ve done my fair share of harm…both intensionally and unintentionally.

How could I forgive myself? Even if everyone else did, would I ever be able to live with who I see in the mirror?

If not, can I change?