You + Coffee

The way her sleepy eyes travel around the campus. The way her hair flows in the light breeze as she walks so gracefully down the stairs.

When she sits down with a hot cup of coffee in front of her, it is as if there is a light behind her that creates this glow. She takes a deep breath with her eyes closed, enjoying the smell of the coffee. When her eyes open again it is as if she was given life with such simplicity.

Her hands clasp around the warm cup, grateful for its warmth as her ice cold hands regain their color. As she takes her first sip, she smiles at me. There is something about this innocence in her eyes that makes my heart flutter. I can tell, in this very moment, she is genuinely happy.

There is something different about this smile on her face than the others that appear throughout the day. The smile when she gets back an assignment she worked endless hours on has signs of relief. The smile when she sees an old friend has signs of nervousness and anxiety. The smile when she looks up into my eyes tells me she feels a sense of safety and a sense of unity. But when she smiles as she holds the hot cup of coffee in the teal blue ceramic cup is breathtaking in the most simple way: satisfaction, relax, and breathe.

Her and her coffee.

The way her hair falls into her face so perfectly. The way her smile seems to lighten the room. The way she stares down at the hearts on top of her coffee. The way she takes a deep breath, making it seem as if the weight of the world finally got lifted off her shoulders. The way she smiles with the light of the sun shinning from her eyes.

Her and her coffee.

A beautiful combination that I would never want to pull apart.