I Hope He Loves You

I hope he texts you every morning just to put a smile on your face.
I hope he randomly calls you in attempt to hear your voice because he missed you.
I hope he texts you cute messages whenever something reminds him of you, and he just wanted you to know you were on his mind.
I hope he always makes sure you feel wanted and appreciated and loved.

I hope he never lets you question whether or not he cares, or whether or not he would put work aside to be there for you.
I hope he is someone whose hands you can place your heart into and know for a fact that he will take good care of it.
I hope his arms feel like home to your tired heart that has been broken too many times.
I hope he makes life seem like the perfect mixture between a fairytale romance and a real-life story.

I hope he tells you how he’s the luckiest guy to have your love in his life.
I hope he never neglects you or let you walk through a storm alone.
I hope he sees the pain in your eyes and does everything to make it disappear from your heart.
I hope he sees everything that you are – your flaws, your blindspots, and your moodiness – and loves every bit.

I hope he tells you stories of his past, as if he wished you had been there to see it all with him.
I hope he gets goofily excited to see you, whether it be the next day or a couple weeks away.
I hope he isn’t afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve and lets you see every part of him.
I hope he hugs you as if he never wants to let go, and makes you feel like it’s the safest place in the world.

I hope he makes you feel safe in the scary world that is the universe we live in.
I hope he calms you down and makes it possible for you to breathe when life gets you worked up and emotional.
I hope he loves to see your smile and does everything he could imagine to hear your laugh.
I hope he allows himself to be vulnerable when he is with you because he trusts and has faith in you.

I hope he chases you down when you’re mad at him to apologize or continue fighting until a solution is made.
I hope he is someone you don’t have to pretend in front of or lie to or hide from or avoid because you think he wouldn’t want the person you are.
I hope he lets you be independent, and dependent, and everything that you feel like you need to be without fear of him walking away.
I hope he knows how much he has to be willing to put in to match your efforts to make a relationship work.

I hope he never makes you feel forgotten, unwanted, or even not worth of his attention and love.
I hope he never lets you walk away from him, or go to sleep, upset…especially at him.
I hope he always wants to work on your relationship and accepts growth and chance as a part of life.
I hope he constantly encourages you to be yourself and works just as hard to make things work.

I hope he reminds you that he wants to be with you and share his life with you.

I hope he is everything that you deserve, and so, so much more.