Our First Christmas

I couldn’t find the perfect gift for a wonderfully one-of-a-kind young man. The one who has been there for me through the worst times of weakness and sickness, the times of old wounds and pain, and the times of joyfully careless happiness. I couldn’t find the perfect gift to let him to know how much I adore the person he has come to be.

I know we both have much growing to do still, but I understand that we have also come a long way from where we used to stand individually. With the pains in our hearts and the haunting past memories haunting us in the background, we somehow have managed to trust each other and let each other in. And I don’t know where else I’d rather be, than here with just him and me.

The little gems on the bracelet I wear twinkles perfectly in this grey-blue kind of silver as the light comes from above. Though there is the hint of darkness, there is still light. Somehow, even without seeing it himself, he choose the perfect shade of light as if he sees me for who I really am.

Even though I don’t want to look into the unknown of uncertainty and chance, something inside me knows I was supposed to find him. And, there, we started our own little dance.

And something in me never wants it to end.