“There’s a first time for everything…”

The first time I saw you in a photo, and had to ask my friend who you were.

The first time we introduced ourselves to each other, with a somewhat nervous smile on our face.

The first time I talked to my friend about you, and found out she had told you my first impression when I saw your photo.

The first time we talked as I casually tried my best to look calm and nonchalant when, in reality, I was trembling with anxiety.

The first time you texted me your number and we had our first brief conversation through text, leaving a proud and giddy smile on my face as I went to bed.

The first time we met up alone and went out for coffee.

The first time I saw you dressed up in your work clothes and couldn’t stop myself from complimenting you.

The first time you held my hand, and wrapped your arm around my shoulders.

The first time you gave me a hug that warmed my heart; I felt a subtle connection with someone who seemed like a wonderful young man.

The first time I cautiously came over to your house, my heart racing with anxiety.

The first time I laid in your arms, our fingers intertwined on your stomach as you held me close.

The first time you kissed me; My mind yelling at me to push you away and leave while my heart yearned for any chance of being loved one more time.

The first time you took care of me, letting me fall asleep in your arms after a long and exhausting week.

The first time I met your parents, while I struggled to not make a fool of myself with my culture’s customs.

The first time we went for a walk with your puppy, that I have come to love so much.

The first time we simply laid in your bed in silence; something about it was the most comfort I’ve had in a long time.

The first time you saw me working behind the camera; I was in my most comfortable place, yet I couldn’t stop myself from worrying how you saw me.

The first time I got upset with you; going to sleep that night still upset, created a horrid feeling in my stomach that ended up keeping me up for hours.

The first time I felt as if I did not deserve your time of day; I felt as if you had better things to do and I had simply been shrugged away.

The first time I texted you ‘good night’ and ‘sweet dreams’ without talking one night, in attempt to let you know you were in my heart and on my mind.

I love the ‘first time’s because, despite whether they were good or bad memories, we’re making memories…together. We’re trying…and, hopefully, these memories make us stronger instead of breaking us apart.