Unpredictable, Not Unmanageable

One can never know what to expect from each individual who walks into their life.

One can not ever be sure what will become of a relationship before it has begun.

One can only have faith that, in the end, everything would be okay if not better.

You walked into my life as if you were a playboy not wanting anything more than the physical attention our bodies naturally crave. You began a relationship with me that lead me to believe I would never truly mean anything to you. You stayed focused and let me do my own thing and, to me, this was different.

You have a spark in your eyes when you looked at me that lit up a part of me; I used to believe it was the devilish part, the naughtier side of me that you awoken. But, with time, I may have learned I was wrong to believe my inner demon was the only part of me you spoke to. I was wrong about us.

The way you look at me intensifies but the adoration never fades for the young woman you see before you growing, changing, and paving her own way. The way you cradle me in your arms with a gentle and loving touch but you never forget that, to you and maybe even to myself, the amount of strength I possess within myself is yet another quantity completely unknown of. The smile on your lips hides many secrets as memories fade your thoughts but the fact that you know a deeper side to me stays rooted into your subconscious.

As I go along with my life and you go about yours, we never do forget how our lives have interlocked as if two hands holding each other tight with their fingers completely intertwined. Though our everyday lives drain us of both energy and motivation to continue onward, the time we spend together somehow recharges our source of energy and relinquishes every piece of pain. Even at times where we are miles apart, the memories and the knowledge that the other is out there keeping them in their heart keeps us pushing forward in the little war we call ‘life’.

One can never predict the future or believe we have every say in what happens in our lives, but we have the power to keep those who mean a lot to us close at heart and close at hand.

One can not be sure of who will mean as much as the stars make the sky beautiful or as much as the oceans can be smelled within the winds that blow from the waves, but we can give every person a well-deserved chance at being that one and only who will grant our hearts a second chance.

One can only look into the future of the unknown and pray that everything goes to plan and everything turns out, a lot better than just, okay.