An Old Love Has Its Lessons

Some time a couple years ago, I heard him tell me “I love you” for the first time. Some time a couple years ago, I laid in bed in the middle of the night still on the phone with that sparkle of happiness in my eyes. Because a couple years ago, during this time, I found myself “in love” for the very first time.

“I love you…” He repeated, followed by my full name, for probably the tenth time that night. It didn’t mean much, if anything, when he told my best friend “yes” when asked whether or not he loved me. But, then, I was laying in bed in the middle of another late night phone call with him and I couldn’t stop by heart from smiling.

I rolled around in bed giggling and laughing, holding my little phone next to my ear. I couldn’t get enough of him admitting his love for me, despite how much I never thought this could ever happen to me. How was it that a young man with his potential had fallen in love with the guarded little girl that I was? I had scars on my body and not the most supportive family standing anywhere but behind me. But, none of that mattered to him, because the girl he loved was me.

What if my parents weren’t the nicest couple of people, even when it came to their youngest? He would be there to shelter me and help me off the ground each and every time they threw a blow. What if I felt lost and helpless and scared? He would remind me who I was and everything it is that I could be. What if his parents didn’t approve? He would tell me that, in the end, it wouldn’t matter because this was a relationship between me and him, not me and his parents. What if all our friends shook their heads at us? He would take my hand in his and remind me to think about us, not about what the rest of the world thinks.

He would make all the problems seem nonexistent. He didn’t let me worry about the things we couldn’t control. He didn’t let me stress over the future of unknowns, and always told me that the best way to predict the future was to write it. And that’s exactly what we did. We wrote our own lives, the way we wanted them to be. We fought for the things we believed in and everything that we hold close to heart. We hung on for our dear lives even when it seemed as if nothing was in our favor.

We were in love…what more is there to say?

We didn’t worry about years from now, because there wasn’t even a promise that tomorrow would come. We had enough on our plate just trying to get through day by day that we couldn’t waste our energy, our breath, over the “what if”s and the countless possibilities of the unknown that is our future.

All we knew, and all we needed to know, was we weren’t going to be facing the future alone.