If You Can Dream It…

Late at night, late at night…all I want to do is take a drive down to your house and wait for a while. All I want to do is wait for you to come out dressed in your sleep clothes and get into the car. All I want to do is take a drive down across the city and up to where we can see the stars with our bare eyes.

A dream of mine goes like this:
We can’t sleep at night, so we go and take a drive. The music soothing the silence between us flooding our lungs with laughter and our hearts with happiness. And for the first time in a long while, I feel alive once again. You would be able to breathe in the cold night’s air and feel the chill along your spine as your body finally relaxes from a long year of stress. You would be able to smile without faking it to the world or making yourself laugh. You would be there with me, and I would be with you too.

We would drive up to a tall mountain and watch as the city lights dim as the sun wakes up once again. We would drive down the empty roads talking about the life we find ourselves living, the dreams we have and the things we want. We would talk about what life used to be and what we wanted the future to be versus what it really is. We would be living in the present, not worrying about anything but how fast these moments will come to a halt and the dream would end.

Because, one day, we will have to wake up from this make-believe dream we wanted so bad to be living. We can escape from the battle that surrounds us but we will never be able to flee away from the war that will always continue on. Despite how much we want to write our lives a certain way, there are only so many things you can control. No matter how many times we live the dream life we wish to have last forever, we will always need to wake up and come back down from cloud nine.

But my dream continues on.
I want to look into your eyes and see how much you truly love me. I want to feel your fingers intertwined with mine as we watch the sun rise and set and repeat as the days go on. I want to rest my head on your shoulder and feel your arm wrapped around my waist, pulling me closer.

The dream I wish to be living only exists when you do. When I sit alone in the darkness of my room with a mindful of thoughts, all I want to do is talk to you. All I want to do is have you there with me, to experience life, to venture past the limits society has chained us underneath, to learn what it really means to live. All I want…is to have you here with me, there for me, and present with me.

As our lives wander around us, as the complications grow, one cannot help but to dream about another life where worry and stress does not exist. When everything becomes a little too much, one cannot be blamed for wanting to escape all that is creating the pain that he or she feels a bit too deeply. When taking a breathe to calm your mind doesn’t work, when taking a nap doesn’t make the nightmares go away, when nothing seems to be getting better…all I want to do is live the I have dreamt over and over and over again. All I want to do is…finally grasp my dreams in the palm of my hands and never let go.