Autumn in My Bones

The day you came into my life, I would have never guessed your existence would mean so much to me. The day you first started up a conversation with me, I would have never known you’d be one of my closest friends. The day you first sat in my car, I would not have had the courage to wish for a long-term friendship.

But, here we are today. And…can I say…

Can we go back to autumn? Can we get back that cold, chillin’ breeze? It’s the time we start wrapping ourselves in our scarves, and putting on those high knee boots. It’s the time we start hearing the fire crackling in the fireplace.

Can we go back to the cold nights, the nights I can spend in your warm embrace? Can we go back to the colorful nature scenes, that every person wants a photo of? It’s the time leaves start to die, fall off the branches of the tall trees, and glow beautifully as they swing in the breeze. It’s the time you hear the wind as it brushes past your ears.

“When everything goes astray, take a walk to clear your mind and see what it is that you find…”

Can we go back to the calming days filled of silence or soft music? Can we go back to the cups of hot chocolate or coffee and sitting on the couch with a book to read? It’s the time everything starts to slow down. It’s the time people either start distancing themselves, or people start coming ’round.

Can we go back to holding your hand as we walk down the street, hearing the crunching of the leaves beneath our feet? Can we go back to curling up beside you, wearing your jacket that is obviously too big on me, and just spend hours talking about life? Can we go back to snuggling in each other’s arms as the moon brightens and the sun is done and the stars are out playing in the sky? It’s the time of intimacy. It’s the time of hope. It’s the time of quiet nights. It’s the time of cold, chillin’ air.

When everything starts ending, the leaves start dying, there is sign of a new beginning waiting to come.

Can we go back to autumn? Can we go back to those fall days, where I fell into your arms and got embraced by the warmth of your love?