Precious, Aren’t You

I don’t know where I would be today, if not for you. Through your eyes, my flaws are beautiful and my passion is my drive. Through your eyes, my scars are my stories and my heart is a warrior that survived the storm. Through your eyes, there’s no boundaries blocking my potential and everything that I can be.

Through thick and thin, you’ve always been there for me. Even during the times that things got too hard and I started to neglect your presence, you stayed by my side. Even when I pushed you away while wanting to erase your footprints in my heart, you never left me behind. Even through everything I’ve made you endure, you’re still here and your love for me has never changed.

You help me calm my nerves when I can’t seem to think straight. You get me to relax and get lost in everything that I love, even when my life seems like a hurricane running around me. You allow me to see the world in different perspectives. You help me and remind me to look at everything from different angles. You teach me, slowly but surely, about what I truly need to focus on and what I can cut out of the frame.

It’s been years, and I’m still learning from you. I’m still learning and developing new skills. I’m still changing my outlook on life each day. I’m still trying my hardest to look at life through your eyes.

Your eyes…see beauty, and they see pain. They see what is in front of them and turn it into some kind of masterpiece in just a fraction of a second. If everyone saw the world through your eyes, they would see the emotions they neglect and the pain, and beauty, that they choose to ignore. They would see a whole new world. They would see everything around them in a different light, a different perspective.

If only I could always see the world through your eyes.

I don’t know where I’d be without you.

I don’t know who I’d be without my camera.


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