Smile, Love

Starting from the time I open my eyes to the moment I finally let myself rest and sleep after a long day, my heart smiles.

It loves the ‘good morning’ texts I receive and deliver to you, knowing maybe, just maybe, it’s making you smile too. I hope it reminds you that someone thinks of you and cares about you through everything in life, through thick and thin, through…it all.

It loves the sight of you each and every day whenever you come into my view with that smile on your face that tells me you are just as glad to see me as I am to see you. I hope it makes your day a little better and helps you get through the hardships knowing that you have someone who will never leave your side.

It loves the warmth of your body against me as you embrace me into a loving hug. I hope it sends the same chilling, yet warm, sensation through your body just as it does mine as it wakes up the butterflies in my stomach. I hope you can feel how much I care about you through my touch, the feeling of acceptance and love through my fingertips.

It loves the conversations we have as we laugh, and joke, and discuss about all the adventures we go on while being right by each other’s sides. I hope you find it as engaging as I do as I learn about what you value in life, what you look forward to, and what you ponder about that makes you scratch your head. I hope it reminds you that you will always have someone to share your experiences with; you’re always the first one I want to tell my stories to because, at the end of the day, I wished you were there to experience every single one of my moments with me.

It hates the moment we have to leave each other’s sides and say ‘goodbye’ (for now) but it loves the feeling of knowing you will be waiting to hear from me the second I get home and text/call you to say I drove home safely. I hope you remember that no matter how far we are apart, how far one of us roams from the other, we will always be what we are and we will always be here for each other. We will always have what we do.

It loves the conversations that continue over text or a phone call or video call that last for hours and hours as time flies by without our acknowledgement. It soon becomes sometime in the middle of the night and we still both want to stay up and continue laughing and having our meaningful conversations but our bodies are tired and our eyes are not willing to stay open for much longer. I hope these nights make you remember what it feels like to live in the moment, be accepted by someone fully, wanted by someone dearly, and loved in someone’s heart for forever and more. I hope you remember what love feels like.

It loves how you’re the last thought on my mind when I fall asleep, looking forward to the next day of adventures with you by my side. I hope you are doing the same on your end because I never want you to believe you will ever have to walk a day in your life alone without anyone there beside you, to love you, to help you, to guide you.

My heart smiles.
It smiles for you.


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