Love, Her

Her smile is beautiful. Her little laugh is adorable. Her heart is magnificent.

I know that, every day when I wake up, she is either heading to work or to school. I know every day, how much she cares about me and loves me. I know she wants, more than anything, to be there for me and there with me through everything life brings. I know she’s going through a lot and might have a lot on her plate, yet she still tries to give more than she takes. I know it would never matter what she’s going through because she would always want to be with me, all the same.

I know if I ever needed it, she would drop everything to be there for me and to help me through whatever it may be. I know if I was hurt, she would be one of the first people to ask if I was okay. I know, throughout the day, I cross her mind…maybe as much as she crosses mine.

She’s a fighter. She’s a dreamer. She’s a believer…that dreams come true as long as you work for it.

She is hard on herself, maybe even more than her parents. She creates these impossibly high expectations for herself. She spreads herself thin. She tries to do everything and be everywhere at the same time. She puts herself in positions she automatically regrets later on. But if she didn’t do these things, she wouldn’t be my girl. She wouldn’t be her.

She wants to be there for everyone. She does anything she can to make sure those around her are safe and okay. She wouldn’t care what happens to her as long as the ones she loves are safe and sound. She is one of those people. The rare ones.

Her smile brightens the room. Her laugh sparks a light in my heart. Her presence gives off some kind of warmth of love.

I know how much she effects the people around her. I know how much she is willing to give. I know how much she yearns to love, and to be loved back. I know her.

But, what I don’t know is whether or not she realizes how much she means to the people around her, how important she is in our lives. I don’t know if she sees the same beautiful and strong young woman that I see when she looks into the mirror each day. I don’t know if she has discovered how much potential she has in life, but I know she is going to go far. I don’t know if she is willing to take a leap of faith and jump with her whole heart towards something she loves.

And, most importantly, I don’t know if it’s in her heart to love herself as unconditionally as I found myself loving her.

She is worth fighting for. She is priceless to no end. She is a treasure hiding in the depths of the seas. She is a keeper.

My heart belongs to her. I love her.


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