Singin’ In The Rain

She sits in the chair, leaning back against his chest as he wraps his arms around her waist. She smiles as she makes herself comfortable in his arms. The rain outside pours down, the smell of the weather rushing in from the opened doors. She smiles, she feels safe for the first time in a while.

He kisses her forehead and she kisses his cheek. They glance outside and are suddenly mesmerized by the Eiffel Tower. They never thought they would be here: Paris, the city of lights (“la Ville des Lumières”), the city of love.

As the rain slows down and it gets a little more manageable, she gets up and wraps a cardigan around herself and grabs her precious camera. It has followed her everywhere and has been there for her through everything. She adores it.

He adores her. He follows her out to the street with his own camera and takes photos of the growing photographer as she enjoys herself in the rain. The sprinkles come down and she can feel it water droplets on her cheeks. She smiles, she knows his lens it pointed at her. She is excited to wonder around the city with her priceless camera, but she is more excited to see his pictures of her.

She turns around and slips her hand into his, leading him to the corner of the street. She looks around amazed by the city life, amazed by the peacefulness within the rain, amazed by how everything feels. She smiles, she feels at home.

He watches her, smiling at how happy she is. He doesn’t want anything else for her but the happiness and peacefulness she feels right now. He loves seeing her behind her camera, the passion for photography burning in her eyes, the excitement for adventure in her heart. He loves seeing her.

They wonder the city. They end up with hundreds of photos each. They can’t get enough of the city.

As the rain stops, the clouds start to move and the sun comes out. Beautiful. She doesn’t hesitate to capture every single feeling and sight she feels and sees, respectively. She doesn’t wait to jump behind the camera and put things into a whole new perspective.

It’s a perfect day. It rained, but it is a perfect day…for the both of them.


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