A Reminder [to You]

You are your own person, not there to simply listen to what everyone else tells you. You are strong. You are brave. You have it in you to follow your heart and trust your emotions.

Don’t strip your heart out of emotions you are supposed to feel. Don’t forcefully change yourself to please someone else when it is not what you want. Don’t do that to yourself. You know better than that. You deserve better, better from you.

Let yourself be happy, even when doubts and fears spin in your mind. Let yourself bathe in happiness and joy, because you deserve it. You aren’t supposed to be scared of every little thing. You aren’t supposed to be worried about every little thing. The now and here won’t experience itself. And you won’t be able to experience the now and here if you’re constantly worried about the later in life. You know that, you know better.

You know who you are. You know the emotions that ramble through your body. And when you don’t, when you’re conflicted and confused…follow your heart because it knows the way. Your mind can be changed and altered by the society around you but your heart will always remember what human instinct is, and therefore it will always remember the ways to survive. You have faith, more of it than you’d like to admit. So, have faith in your feelings. You have faith in ____ so you’re also supposed to have faith in your feelings, your emotions. You know this. You know better.

You have stripped yourself from the emotions you were told you weren’t supposed to feel, to express, to accept. But sweetheart, your heart knows best. Your heart knows when you’re hurting and when you’re afraid through those emotions you have to allow yourself to feel. By doing so, your heart will know how to mend you, how to make the pain go away. It will guide you and direct you to where you’re supposed to be.

Feelings aren’t given to be ignored. They are pathways that will bring you to light. I know it scares you. I know it terrifies you because you think you’re becoming something you never want to be, always told yourself you wouldn’t be. I know. But you also know that you aren’t that which you fear, and you will never become that because you have taken a different path, one that is yours to take, and your experiences will never allow you to go back. Trust your feelings, follow your emotions. Your heart knows the way.

I know it’s been years since you’ve denied yourself the connection that makes you feel at home. I know you still feel the pull towards it but ignore the force that draws you towards what you once knew. I know it’s been hard, trying to accept yourself and accept everything that is you. But you have to trust yourself, sweetie. Trust your instincts, trust your heart.

Your heart doesn’t lie. Your heart does not deceive. Your heart does not hide things from you. Your heart does not hurt you. Your heart guides you. Your heart takes care of you. Your heart allows you to grow.


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