Okay. Okay.

I know you have that list of things you swore you would never catch yourself doing. I know you have those things you promised yourself you would never do.

But did you ever think that it would be okay?

It’s okay to have some fun and flirt.
It’s okay to hang out and make memories.

It’s okay to feel those butterflies wake up in your stomach.
It’s okay to be excited to get a text from him.
It’s okay to want to see him.

It’s okay to love his smile, his laugh, his personality.
It’s okay to lose time when you’re with him.
It’s okay to like being by his side.
It’s okay to let your guard down.

It’s okay to want to believe his words, or even to believe them.
It’s okay to trust him, even after your horrid past.
It’s okay to dream of a future with him.
It’s okay to be happy where you are.

It’s okay to want to share everything with him.
It’s okay to make him someone important in your life.
It’s okay to be believe you are someone important to him.
It’s okay to have a little faith in a new relationship.

It’s okay.

It’s also okay to want to live your life without him.
It’s okay to still be your independent self.
It’s okay not wanting to rely on him for everything.

It’s okay to know your worth.
It’s okay to spend some time on your own.
It’s okay to want a little breather.

It’s okay to look into the future and be unsure where things will be.
It’s okay to not want to make plans and simply go with the flow.
It’s okay to still keep some things a secret, to yourself.

It’s okay to be learning how to love again.
It’s okay to be learning how to trust again.
It’s okay to be learning how to operate in a relationship.

It’s okay.

There’s nothing wrong in being yourself. There’s nothing wrong in doing things at your own pace. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with keeping within your comfort zone, or taking a step out to the wild.

I know your past has hurt you. I know you’ve been through a lot.
I know you’re scared out of your mind, sometimes. I know it can be a little too much.

So it’s okay to put your defense up. It’s okay to be unsure.

Everything will be alright.

You can take chances. You can wait for the fall.
You can make a grand entrance. You can tip-toe down the hall.

You do you.
Everything will fall into its places.
Just you wait.