Getting Lost Finding Trouble

“I’ll see you in two hours. Okay?” I asked with a warm smile.

She nodded and laughed, playfully pushing me away with her cold hands, “I’ll be fine without you. I’m not that helpless!”

I chuckled and took off my jacket, draping it over her shoulders, “Here. You’re cold. Remember to get some food if you get hungry…or we can go get something together later.”

She smiled, “Thanks. I know. Go have fun! Stop mothering me. I’ll be fine.”

I gave her a quick hug before my boyfriend slipped his hand around mine and gently pulled me off to the side. We were on our way. It had been a while since we had been on a date. I wanted Violet to come along because I felt bad about how little I see her and how she’s always trapped at home around her not-so-perfect family.

“I wonder how she is doing…” I mumble as I pick at my plate of food in front of me as it was getting closer to sundown.

My boyfriend scooted closer to me and placed his arm around my shoulders, “I’m sure she’s fine, love. She’s probably somewhere enjoying her time out.”

I looked over and him and slightly nodded, taking a bite of my food, “I wonder if she’s cold…”

He kisses my hand gently, “Love, you need to stop worrying about her. She is old enough to take care of herself. You’ve always so protective over her. She’s okay.”

I laughed quietly and leaned into him, feeling his warmth against myself, “I know…I’m sorry, babe. It’s just that I have this odd feeling in my stomach. It wasn’t there earlier…I don’t know what’s wrong.”

He pushes my plate closer to me, “How ’bout it’s because you haven’t eaten anything since ten this morning and it’s nearly six at night? Eat, sweetie.”

I brushed my hand through my long hair and sighed, stretching a little before taking the fork and eating the plate in front of me. “Maybe you’re right…” I mumble, trying to shrug off the feeling in the pit of my stomach. “She’s probably fine.” I whisper, not realizing how much my volume decreased.

“What?” My boyfriend asks leaning in, being used to me mumbling to myself. “Love, you okay? You’re getting pale.”

Looking up to him, I suddenly recognize the worried sight in his eyes. “I-” A chill went up my spin and forced me to suddenly turn my head around and stare at the space behind me. I swore I heard a screech. I felt my heart start racing. I could feel my boyfriend’s worried grip on my arm as he tried to bring my attention back to him without scaring me even more. He gently squeezed my arm whispering something in my ear, but my heart was racing too much to hear.

“Violet.” I whisper, bolting towards a girl wearing my jacket. She trapped in a corner against someone.

Her eyes shot to mine as I walked forward slowly. “What’s wrong here?” I asked confidently, making the young man turn around.

“Mind your own business.” He shrugged me off and turned back to Violet with a grin on his face. Too close for comfort.

“Sorry, this is my business.” I tell him.

I reach out to grab Violet’s hand but his hand intercepts and shakes my wrist violently. “Mind your f*cking own business, lady.” He snarled.

Immediately I yank my wrist free from him forcefully and slap his face in the process. While he takes a step back surprised, I take a step forward putting myself between him and Violet protecting her. Automatically, her hands went to my arm gripping tightly as her body shook in fear.

“Breathe, Vi. Breathe.” I whisper back to her, keeping an eye on the stranger boy.

“You are going to be sorry you did that…” The man shook his head, still rubbing his face. It couldn’t have hurt that badly, but it sure pissed him off that a girl got between him and his target for the night.

I slip my hand into my pocket and grip my knife. “You’re going to be sorry you tried anything here tonight.” I breathed through my teeth, feeling Violet’s nails dig into my arm painfully.

He stepped forward slowly. Oh god, Violet gripped harder. I could feel circulation stop in my arm. I didn’t know she was that strong, and my goodness it hurt.

He took another step forward and I couldn’t help but take a step back. I didn’t know what to do. I wasn’t a person to just take a knife out on someone. I wasn’t all that strong either. I thought holding my ground was going to be enough to make him forget his idea on Violet, but apparently not.

The young man kept grinning. There was a devilish look in his eyes, his pitch black eyes of darkness. It was no surprise he didn’t feel anything. I couldn’t pick up a sign of any kind of emotion through his eyes.

He took another step forward, getting way too close for comfort. I wanted to protect Violet but I froze. I wanted to do something but my body wouldn’t listen. I failed her. I always told her I’d be there for her and watch out for her. I always said I’d have her back no matter what, and wouldn’t let anything happen to her. But here I was, freezing up in the moment of truth. I wasn’t only going to fail saving her, but I probably got us both intro trouble by pissing him off.

“Oh god…” I whispered under my breathe. I felt dizzy. I felt nauseous. I felt sick.

“Hey.” A hand landed on the young man’s shoulder as three people came up from behind him.

“We need you to leave.” I remembered hearing from one of the two officers after a little discussion. My boyfriend was standing beside me cleaning the wounds from Violet’s nails and reassuring me that I was brave and everything was going to be alright.

I felt like a failure. If he hadn’t went to get help, I would’ve been in so much trouble.

“Hey…” He shushed me stroking my arm as he held me against his chest. “It’s going to be okay. You’re okay.” He kissed my head as I wrapped myself around him and started crying. I had been so scared. My body trembled in his arms for the first time during the night. I hadn’t been like this earlier…but being with him made me feel safe enough to break down.