Never Again

Last year was hell.

She thought she had everything. A guy who loved her. A guy who knew her like the back of his hand. A young man who respected her and tried his best to understand her and be there for her. A young man who guided her and encouraged her towards greatness. A lover who believed in her and trusted her. A lover who would do anything to keep her in his life.

She’s been beaten down
Trampled on.
She swore to herself that she’d never
Ever love again,
For a while,

Read more: Luigi D’ Avola – Take A Chance Lyrics | MetroLyrics

But things ended up different.

She found someone who could play with her emotions. She had found someone who got through her thick walls she always had guarding herself, and messed with her mind. She had found someone who could do real damage to her heart and mind.

She didn’t know she could be broken like that. She didn’t ever question whether he would stick by her side; she always thought, even when everyone else left, she could always count on him. She didn’t imagine a future without him in it.

But here they were, here she was…being shoved out the door from the house she called home.

And she’s so afraid , so afraid
She keep her head down low so love would come away
But if you listen close, listen close
Her heart’s beating fast but look in for an escape
But she’s insecure and she goes out the door
‘Cause her hearts been broken too many times before
And she’s insecure just like before
But hey take a chance on me.

Read more: Luigi D’ Avola – Take A Chance Lyrics | MetroLyrics

She doesn’t want to do that again. She doesn’t want to trust. She doesn’t want to get close to someone. She doesn’t want to take that chance.

She was a barrier around herself. She built her walls up higher and thicker, and stronger. She hides within a bubble 24/7 as she walks through life. She shields her heart from getting attached. She cages her thoughts so they don’t wonder and come up with crazy ideas, like maybe she’ll have another chance with someone else.

Cause somebody tore your heart
And threw it away
Never to come back again
No oh ouh whou
Now you’re terrified and now you’re afraid to fall
But baby i know you’re hurt but take a chance on me
My dear
We’ll pick up the pieces we’ll pick up the pieces
And we’ll be
We’ll be alright from here

Read more: Luigi D’ Avola – Take A Chance Lyrics | MetroLyrics

She doesn’t trust. She lost faith. She is giving up on hope. She is broken. Sorry.


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