Just For The Record

I’m figuring out my life, not walking aimlessly through it. I’m picking up the pieces, not just staring at the broken glass. I’m trying to heal, not always simply playing the victim card. I’m doing my best to get through, not purposefully shutting you out. I have a lot on my plate, not pretending to be busy just to get through the days. I have a lot of issues to deal with and I’m trying my best to confront what I need to, not bringing up the past to remind people of what happened, or what they did.

I’m learning how to deal with my emotions, not constantly shutting them off and becoming a mindless robot. I’m dealing with the past and trying to find peace with everything that has happened, not trying to relive it in my memories because I can’t accept what used to be is gone. I’m trying to make friends, not giving up faith on relationships. I’m doing something about where I’ve found myself in life, not ignoring what is there and avoiding what’s yet to come.

I’m working hard for my future, not simply to be busy enough not to deal with my issues. I’m planning ahead, not overthinking about things I can’t control. I’m making the best of the situation I’m in, not doubting that things can get better. I’m gaining confidence in myself and becoming independent, not growing cold and even more isolated or mentally unstable.

I’m learning how to balance relationships and tasks, not pushing everyone away so I can get my work done. I’m figuring out what I need and what I want in life, not throwing everything away in frustration because the last couple years hadn’t occurred as expected. I’m putting the pieces back together and building new ones to fit where the broken ones don’t anymore, not randomly changing my personality to fit some spectra of characteristics society wishes me to possess.

I’m healing, not getting worse. I’m learning, not ignoring. I’m growing up, not simply changing.



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