She doesn’t know whether or not you like her style. She doesn’t know whether or not you like the sound of her voice. She isn’t sure whether she is bothering you or just having a normal conversation. She isn’t sure whether you enjoy her company or is just being polite. She doesn’t know if you’re just being funny or actually trying to make her laugh and smile.

She can’t read your mind, that’s why she asks you what you think. She can’t predict the future, that’s why she hesitates to share more of herself. She can’t backtrack and erase time, that’s why she regrets saying or doing something embarrassing in front of you.

She doesn’t know whether she’s too shy or too quiet for you. She doesn’t know if you like girls who are athletic or super into her studies. She doesn’t know if you would rather her dress to impress or dress for comfort. She isn’t sure what you like.

She can’t tell how you would respond if she asked you on a date and made the first move. She can’t know how you’re going to kiss or show her affection. She can’t know how you text or what you think of handwritten letters. She doesn’t know what life would be like if you two were more than just classmates, just friends.

She isn’t sure how to impress you on a first date. She isn’t certain of the reason you would go out with her in the first place…maybe it was to win some bet. She isn’t positive whether you are worth her time and heart or not. She doesn’t know.

She doesn’t know whether you’re going to be like the last guy who broke her heart or if you’re going to be the different one. She doesn’t know how long you’re going to stay in her life, whether it’s a few months or a couple years. She doesn’t know what you expect from her, a casual hookup or a hand in marriage.

Doubts, questions, and uncertainties fly around her head as she stares at you from across the way. Should she say something, or should she just stay away? No one can predict the future and no one can say how long time will last. But does it hurt to not know, or does it hurt more to leave with a broken heart?



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