I’d Still…

Celebrate with you when you’re jumping with joy over something that you achieved, big or small.
Congratulate you over your accomplishments I know you’ve worked so hard for through countless nights of stress and worry.
Praise you as you can’t help but continue to smile foolishly, not believing that it actually happened, that you actually did it, that it actually came true.

Send you cute pictures to make you smile randomly throughout the day.
Text you inspirational and motivational quotes to help you push through the hard and long weeks.
Give you little trinkets to have by your side, reminding you that you are never alone through the endless months of piled up work.

Give you my jacket when you’re cold, even when you don’t, or refuse to, admit it.
Go get you food when you are too lazy to move.
Get you that cute thing when I was shopping because it reminded me of you and I thought you’d like it.

Want to hear your voice after a long and tiring week of exhaustion and pain.
Want to feel your arms around me as you hold me tight after missing me for weeks without end.
Want to see your eyes look up into mine as happy, innocent, and precious as before.

Give you a hug when you are down.
Love the comfort in your arms and hold you tighter, never wanting to let go.
Wipe your tears when you are broken and in pain.

Get furious when I know you deserve so much better than what you’re getting.
Want to kill the bastard who betrayed you.
Want to punch something when I know you got terribly cheated on.

Want to tell you about all the things that happen in my life.
Want to share all my experiences with you.
Want to have you with me through it all.

Think of ways to make your life better.
Try my best to help you through all your difficulties.
Do everything I can to make it easier on you.

Sit next to you in silence when you’re having a rough day.
Listen to you rant about what the annoying neighbor did.
Give you advice with your dating life.

Try everything to make you smile.
Feel my heart lighten when I hear you laugh.
Listen to you tell me about how your day was.

Calm you down when you are nervous.
Reassure you that everything will be okay.
Support you through thick and thin.

Wish for all your dreams to come true.
Yearn for your life to be better.
Want the best for you.

Worry about you.
Care about you.
Be there for you.
Love you.