Look Down

I sit in the empty hallway with my earphones in, music playing slightly loudly, muffling out the laughter that comes from a door a few feet away. My nails lightly click on my laptop’s keyboard as words appear in my screen in a beautiful typewriter font. I brush my long black, slightly wavy, hair out of my face and play with my spinner ring on my left hand – a ring I share with my best friend, a ring engraved with double dragons, a silver ring that meant more than a piece of metal. I glance down at my second ring, a ring a wear on my middle finger on my right hand, and fix it so the cut out heart is in the middle of my finger; it’s a ring that can separate into two peoples, a ring that has three words engraved into it: “True Love Waits”, a ring that hold deep sentimental meaning, a ring that has countless of beautiful memories behind, a ring that will always be loved.

The memories of both rings play in my mind:

A night I had been sitting with him in my car, looking out from the parking structure, talking about my most recent arguments with my mom.

A drive home one night, tearing filling in my eyes, talking to him about my past…him slipping the cold metal ring back onto my hand and reminding me to live in the present but don’t forget what I learned in the past.

An afternoon at the mall joking, teasing, talking, and laughing as I walked with my two friends.

Sitting in my car one evening, the matching rings between our seats, mine perfectly sitting on top of his, as the moonlight hits them and creates a soft grey shadow onto one side.

I smile when I think of all the memories that come with these two silver rings. I smile when I look down at my hands and get reminded of how happy I had been. I smile when I remember that feeling of being loved, accepted, supported, encouraged, etc. I smile knowing my two boys are out there figuring out their own lives right now, as I am figuring out mine. I smile thinking of the wonderful lives they will have in the future. I smile knowing that we’ll be okay.


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