Still to This Day

I still remember how you looked at me when you were worried, when you were happy, when you had something you’ve been waiting all day to tell me, when you were upset, when you were getting annoyed, when you were stressed, when you were overwhelmed, when you were confused, when you wanted to make me laugh, when you adored me, when you loved me.

I still remember how you would pester me to eat, tell me to take care of myself better, how you would warn me to when I got distracted, how you would ask about my day, how you would be super excited to finally go on a date after so long, how you would want to stay on the phone even though the sun was nearly rising, how you would always wish you were there next to me through the good and the bad.

I still remember how you sounded when you were cranky, when you were excited, when you didn’t care, when you were annoyed, when you were listening, when you were sick, when you were trying to make people laugh, when you were tired, when you were happy, when you were irritated, when you were sad, when you were worried, when you were relieved, when you were proud, when you were disappointed, when you were angry, when you were frustrated.

I still remember the way you’d calm me down when I got worked up, the way you put your hand on my thigh or back, the way you said “shhh” soothingly when I was about to cry, the way you nodded slightly knowing what I was thinking, the way you smiled as you silently reassured me everything was going to be okay, the way you held me with strong arms whenever I felt as if I was broken on the outside as well as inside, the way you would make me feel right at home.

I still remember you putting up with my rants, my mixed-emotions, my phases, my stubbornness, my depressed days, my frustrated or annoyed moods, my consistently busy schedule, my whinny moments, my illogical self…me.

I still remember when you knew me like the back of your hand and still loved me the same.


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