A Cute Little Date

I’ve never seen that before.

A girl is sitting in a row of desks in the library. The sun shines softly through the window onto her light brown hair as it drapes over one side of her face, making her having to continuously brush it out of her eyes or hold it up with her hand. She has her macbook pro open in front of her as she write with her pencil quickly while glancing up and down from the screen. She’s very intent on studying or getting that work done.

A boy comes walking down the empty aisle and comes to her tables. He smiles looking down at her. She doesn’t even look up at him, busy with her work. He sets his jacket down on the already cluttered small desk and pulls a chair to face her. She acknowledges his presence by shifting her macbook in order for him to see what was on the screen as well. He smiles, a cute and adorable smile. He looks so happy. He sits down and smiles again, as if he cannot help but smile as happy thoughts run through his mind.

They continue to sit at the desk, studying/working from the macbook intent on finishing the project at hand. They both look very serious about the material. They are both trying their best at working out the problems. But the boy gets stuck on one or two and it results in the girl helping him, pointing out his errors and explaining how to go about the right process.

The girl looks up at the boy every once in a while, as if to check if he is doing okay. She cares for him. He looks her here and there and tries to hide a small smile that teases at his lips, as if he is just that happy to be studying with her.

I’ve never seen that before.

Two people just so happy to be in the presence of each other in the simplest date – a college library to study.

I’ve never seen that before.

The purity of his smile when he looked at her. The sincerity in her eyes when she looked at him.

I’ve never seen that before.


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