Long Time No See

“Come on in.” I smiled as I greeted you at the front door.

“I thought you were moving to a smaller house.” He said looking up to the high ceiling. “I don’t think this considers as a smaller house.”

I laughed quietly, “We didn’t move. It’s the same house. Come upstairs.”

He slowly followed me up, still spending most of his time looking around the rooms, accidentally tripping over one of the steps.

I rolled my eyes as he looked up at me and chuckled, “You didn’t see anything.”

Going back to my desk, I pulled the chair from the extra glass desk out for him. “Here. You can use this desk. I’ll be behind you at mine.”

“Damn your desk is huge. Why do you have an extra?” He asked.

I shrugged, spinning in my chair, “It was Dad’s old desk. We just put it there…don’t know why, but we did.”

“Oh….” He sat down and took out a binder and textbook.

“Come on. Let’s work.” I smiled, getting back on my laptop to finish polishing up my essay.

The next couple hours were nice and quiet. We worked and took breaks here and there to talk and have music playing. I loved having him there. The company was definitely overdue.

When I put my headphones back on, listening to my music so I wouldn’t bother him, I didn’t notice he had left the room. I called out his name and received a text indicating he had found the bathroom. I said okay out loud and went back to work.

Soon later I had been singing to one of my favorite songs without knowing he had come back and was standing behind me. As I enjoyed my music, my phone dinged and lighted up with a text from a close friend. I picked it up and texted a reply while still humming to my song.

Right when I was setting my phone down, he decided to take the opportunity to scare me and heavily placed his hands on either shoulder. I jumped and nearly elbowed him where I wasn’t suppose to.

“My goodness…” I laughed, putting my headphones at my shoulders, “that was not nice!”

“You were cute humming.” He chuckled, receiving a playful slap on his stomach.

He put his hand on the spot and pretended to be hurt, “You hit me. That’s not nice!”

We both laughed as he went back to his desk.

It had been a while since I’ve seen him, since we had a descent conversation due to both of our consistently busy schedules. There was work and classes and then chores and family. There was hardly any time for friends.

Despite that, we decided to spend the first time seeing each other for months doing homework and studying for our exams to come. And that was enough. We got to take breaks and talk here and there without feeling like we weren’t being productive or we should be doing something else (aka studying).

It was more than enough.