Stuck on The Sidewalk

He swings his bag over his shoulder and walks out of class while putting his earphones back in. With his hands in his pocket and his sunglasses on, he faces the sun outside.

“God it’s sunny…” He thinks to himself, walking out to the parking lot.

As he walked out, he noticed many people in front of him and many behind. There were always so many groups who left at this time.

“Whoever is coming now is lucky. Finding a parking spot would be so easy.” He thought.

When everyone came to the narrow pavement they separated into pairs. He watched the couple in front of him talk as they hold each other’s hands. He heard the pair of close friends behind him loudly gossip about their classes, teachers, and other friends.

“It’s been a while since I was like either of them…” He sighed, turning the music up. “It’s been a long time since I had a descent close friend like that where I could talk about nonsense. And it’s been an even longer time since I had a girlfriend……..I miss that. I miss that happiness and that innocence.”

He crossed into the parking lot, straying from the cluster of pairs, and wondered how everyone had a partner in life but him.

A few steps later, he was at his car. He hadn’t parked far out and was very lucky to have found a spot so great at the time he had come. When he looked back to the sidewalk, he rolled his eyes upon the pairs he saw. Then, he glanced over again, identifying couples from friends.

As he did that, he noticed a girl walking on her own. She had her earphones in and her hand in her jacket pocket.

“Huh…she’s like me.” He thought to himself and looked further down the line.

There was another boy who walked by himself. He walked with confident and purpose. He seemed annoyed at the couple in front of him who were walking extremely slow.

“They’re probably walking slower so they have more time together.” He thought, watching the boy try to pass the couple made him laugh.

Later down the line was another girl. And then another girl. And then another boy.

When he drove down the to the street, he noticed there were more single persons intertwined with the pairs and couples walking down on the sidewalk. Because he was walking with them, he couldn’t see pass what was in front of him and what was behind. But now that he was looking in from a distance, he could see the bigger picture.