Past in the Future

“Are you coming to the front?” She asked, looking into the rearview mirror.

The two boys looked at each other before one spoke, “She’s talking to you, idiot.”

It had always been the same. As he got into the front for the first time in over a year, she briefly nodded, “Ok.”

He looked up at her, “What.”

She glanced his way as she drove down the street, “Nothing, Chance.”

“Where are we going?” Ace asked from the back.

She shrugged as Chance pulled up an address on her navigation and directed her to the correct path. It had been a while since they all hung out together. They all had their separate lives now and they didn’t cross very often. Her two best friends were now just close friends.

Her phone rang suddenly, a dreaded name popping up on the navigation screen. She groaned and answered, “What happened?”

“She’s out.” The caller answered hesitantly, stalling.

“Call her.”

There was a pause before the girl responded. “Are you sure you want me to do that?”

“Yes.” There was another pause. “Where is she?”

“She’s with…him.” The caller said. “Scar, are you positive you want me to bring that up?”

“Don’t use that tone with me.” Scar replied sternly and quickly, knowing Chance was watching her every move as he tried to read her mind. “Yes.”

“Scar, I-”

“Call him then.” Scar snapped coldly.

“Okay.” The girl sighed.

“Update me later. I’m with friends.” The call ended.

Now an intense silence suffocated everyone in the car – everyone but Scar. She knew this might happen; the two boys – Chance especially – would somehow find out she went back to her old ways.

“You’re dealing with them again?” Chance asked warningly.

Scar kept her eyes on the street, glancing to her left to change lanes, “Yes. They have one of my girls right now.”

“Scarlett, why did you go back? You’ve said multiple times, countless of times that you didn’t want to live that life again.” He argued.

She glanced over into his worried and upset eyes, “I survived.”

“But-” He silenced suddenly not able to find an argument. He knew how it was; he lived in the same world; he was just not as involved with conflict and tried his best to stay out of it.

She sighed, brushing her hair out of her face, thinking through the silence as the music sung from the speakers. So much had changed with she had said goodbye to Chance; her life was so different without him. Again, she was back to her old ways – her life was nearly like how it was before he met her and took her under his wing.

But she had also learned from the experienced he granted her – him and Ace. She would never be able to forget the memories of the trio. And because of that, she had grown. She knew restraints; she knew better.

But Scar had returned. Scarlett had allowed that. She knew Scar would always be apart of who she was, had been, will be. At the time, it was also better for her and easier for her to deal with the pain. She survived with the help of Scar.



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