I’m standing on a cold rock bare footed with a gentle ocean breeze blowing my hair back. The water gently brushes past my feet every now and then while the seagulls squawk up above. I take a deep breath and fill my lungs with that fresh ocean air, and smile. 

A hand goes on my waist and makes me turn my head slowly to see him standing behind me. He smiles and I return it to him. I place my hand on his and feel how warm it is against my skin. I sigh and gently lean back on him as he wraps his arms around me. 

We both watch the sunset together – the rays of orange, red, yellow and green all mixed together, painting past the horizon and glistening in the water’s reflection. Beautiful. 

I wake up with this dream still running in my mind. That feeling is one I have felt before. That feeling is one I will never forget.

Even at my busiest times, I still replay this memory in my mind – the dream and the reality I had experienced. The dream is something that never happened, but the feeling had come from the reality from that night.

The night where I was sitting behind the wheel with my best friend. He held my hand tight as we looked pass the car and pass the parking structure that we had parked in. The night sky was a dark navy blue – so dark that it almost looked black. The light poles from the parking lots below shinned a yellow-white light amongst the few people still waking around finding their cars. A huge Best Buy sign, lite up yellow and blue, shined to our left. Buildings in the far had small white specs of light from the individual rooms that were still occupied at that late time.

Looking back into the car, I could see his smile, his hand griping mind, and his love shining from his eyes. I could see the little blue light from his portal charger blink – blink. blink. blink. – in the dark car. I could see his glasses reflecting the sign from outside sitting on the dashboard.

I could feel the warmth of his body on mine. I could feel his hand reassuring me he would always be there. I could feel safe and happy and present.

– Can’t wait to find this again…