I’m Sorry

For all the pain I’ve put you through.
For making you believe in me, trust me, and then leaving you.
For crushing your dreams.
For giving you false hope.
For breaking your trust and abandoning you.
For making you question if anything I said was true.
For giving you reason to believe you aren’t worth it.
For leading you on.
For having you lean on me and then just watch as you fell when I took a step back.
For not being sure what I wanted.
For not being who I made you believe I was.
For not keeping my word.
For not going through with my promises.
For not seeing the mistakes before it was too late.

For the midnight calls you can’t forget.
For the hugs you never wanted to end.
For the messages that always made you smile.
For the gifts you still keep.
For the memories that haunt your mind with me.
For the little things that meant so much to you.
For the big things that you never thought someone would do for you.
For the dates you can’t let go.
For the perfect moments you wished would go by real slow.
For the kisses that promised tomorrow, and forever.
For the cuddles that made you feel protected and safe.
For the smiles that made your heart melt.
For the laughs that made your eyes light up.

For…loving you and letting you go.



23 thoughts on “I’m Sorry

  1. Wow! That’s some apology.How could anyone fail to accept it?
    It makes me wonder if you really did all those things – although, looking through the list, I did all but one of them to somebody a long time ago.
    Fortunately he found someone more reliable than me, and they’re still together – and happy.

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    1. Please know that not all my pieces are from my life or based on my life.
      Thank you for sharing your experience with me. I am sure you will find someone too and be very happy. I wish you luck!

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      1. Then you know that when you find someone it won’t be because you want the company – you’ll know it’ll really have to be someone special

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      2. I’ve lived with three men. The first was lovely, and I ruined it. The other two were vile mental abusers. I don’t ever want to be with another man.
        I hope you make better choices than I did. Don’t settle for anyone who is less than 78% wonderful.


      1. Wow! You kept that to yourself all this time! As I said back then, that’s some list. I would like to say that she must have been a piece of work, but I admitted to you that I’d done almost all of those things on your list to someone, long ago.
        I apologised. I hope you no longer feel the need for an apology. It can eat away at you.


      2. I would like to think that he’s grown up a little more now. And, no, I don’t feel the need for an apology or the need to still have him in my life. I’ve moved on. But, in a way, what happened still gets in the way when someone new gets close to me.

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      3. Trust issues…
        I was always the other way round – I trusted men even though I’d known abuse, and they always turned out to be abusers – but that’s a common pattern and it’s a different subject.
        It’s strange, but I remember that when I read your poem, I thought you were a man – now I find that you were writing AS IF you were a man.


      4. I think, in a way, I’m both. I’m very hesitant at first, yes I have trust issues. But with enough persistence, I think I’m not all that hard to win over. I tend to see a lot of good in people versus seeing their flaws.

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