The phone light is the only one in the room as she lays in bed texting her new friend across town. She wonders if it is possible to erase the past and not have to worry what was back there while she walks forward with someone new. She wonders if she will ever have to tell him of the things she had done in the past…because she deeply wants to start anew.

He makes her feel okay. He makes her feel as if she is still human and people can still see that in her. He makes her feel “normal” again.

She smiles and types back. She jokes around and laughs. She rolls around in bed with a smile on her face while she holds her phone in space.

She is living in the moment.


She feels okay.

Her guard isn’t up overwhelming her with its presence. Her walls aren’t crushing her in the little space she had to breathe. Her doubts are screaming in her head. Her demons have silenced just enough for her to hear the heart she had forgotten she had.


She feels okay.

He laughs and jokes along. He teased and smiles. He talks to her and listens to her songs. He wants her there. He cares to listen. He wants to get to know her. He wants her there.


She feels okay.


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