I looked across the room and our eyes met. I immediately smiled, which made him smile too. I sat down on the stool, making sure everything was in line for the next activity. When I looked over, he was gone. A part of my heart sank with disappointment. I tried to push it away.

He reappeared behind me with a cold cup of coffee in his hand. He held it out to me, silently offering me some. With a small smile, I took a sip and thanked him. In my mind, I was truly thanking him for coming back.

He stood next to me, awfully close. I could smell the cologne he wore briefly and his scent that was attached to his lab coat. My heart smiled, feeling a little bit closer to home.

As the kids shuffled around, I moved around too getting things organized. In between tasks, I would look up and briefly watch as he worked with the students.

How he stood confidently. How he spoke to them with such respect and care. How he looked at them. How he looked up at me with a smile that reached his eyes.

He was always so happy to see me. He was always so generous, so helpful, so kind, and so welcoming. He was teasing at times and would joke around too. It was great having him by my side.

I’d watch him as he handled tasks, always so calm and collected. I’d see him work, never in a rush.




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