We walk through life not truly ever knowing what will become of us later down the road. We twist and turn and try to get comfortable in the skin we are in without ever knowing if we get to stay there. We smile and laugh and try to enjoy life as much as we can without ever knowing what is just around the corner.

Some of us walk with our heads down, not sure what they are avoiding to see. Some of us walk with our heads up, believing they are destined to walk this path they have imagined for themselves. Some of us walk with our heads spinning all around, not sure what they are looking for.

Whether we have a path in mind or not, we will never know if we get to walk that road. Plans change and things may come to surprise each and every one of us. We will never know what the future will hold, but some of us try so hard to set things into stone.

I, personally, walk through life aimlessly. And I encourage others to do the same. There is nothing wrong with goals and dreams – no, have them! because they motivate – but sometimes when you are too busy with your head stuck in the clouds you forget to glance around and cherish what is laying right in front of you. Sometimes you are so set on a certain future – whether it was one you had dreamed of since you were little or one you just made up along the way – you close off to the new opportunities and the new chances that come along unexpectedly.


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