The phone light is the only one in the room as she lays in bed texting her new friend across town. She wonders if it is possible to erase the past and not have to worry what was back there while she walks forward with someone new. She wonders if she will ever have to… Read More Okay.


Thousands of photographs. Hundreds of captures moments. Dozens of priceless seconds. A few irreplaceable images. A couple unforgotten stories. One photo. There’s a story behind every shot. There’s a timeline within all the photographs. There’s a person standing behind the camera looking at the ones in front with awe and love. It doesn’t matter how… Read More Memories


I looked across the room and our eyes met. I immediately smiled, which made him smile too. I sat down on the stool, making sure everything was in line for the next activity. When I looked over, he was gone. A part of my heart sank with disappointment. I tried to push it away. He… Read More Awe