Devil’s Angel

Let’s call her Scarlett – Scar, for short.

She’s someone who does not care for others, not more than her personal gain. She’s someone who is selfish and deceitful, and isn’t surprised when others are the same. She’s someone who does not know mercy and plays with others pain and weaknesses for her own amusement.

She has a ice cold heart, a void even, where a heart that pumps blood should be. She has a dark mind filled with manipulation tricks and the countless of cards up her sleeves. She has pitch black eyes that don’t show any emotion. She has a body, but no soul.

She will not care what you are going through. She will not be a shoulder for you to cry on. She will not give you a helping hand to stand up. She will not bother to even look at you when you’re in pain.

She will tease you for being weak. She will laugh when she sees your vulnerability. She will push you down even further and make sure you never get up again. She will walk away from you when you need her the most.

She finds fun in the sickest actions a person can go through with. She finds power in making someone dependent on her and then walking away at the worst time. She finds amusement in someone’s pain and struggle.

She finds amusement when someone thinks there’s something more to her. She finds it funny when someone tries to understand her. She’s different. She’s evil. She’s nothing anyone wants. She knows this, and she doesn’t care.

She gets trapped behind bars regularly. She’s not allowed to talk to anyone. She’s not allowed out. But, every once in a while, she escapes. She makes it back out to the real world. She gets sick of the walls around her and breaks free.

She gets stronger from observing. She gets uncontainable the more she’s fed. She gets her strength from the little dark things in life.

She’s different. She’s evil.

But I call her the Devil’s Angel.