Scar Returns

She lurks inside. She looks through the windows and tries her best to get as close as she can to the real world. She has chains on her feet and bracelets on her wrists. She has cuts on her sleeves and her hair looks like weeds.

She hadn’t been paid attention to much for the past several years. She’s been locked up tight. She screams but no one hears. She struggles against the walls that hold her tight but her strength is not enough.

Year after year, she had given up for a while. She sat quietly waiting for her opportunity to pounce back. She sat and watched, learning and planning out her next moves. She sat and thought of revenge, building up her confidence and gaining strength.

Now, several years have passed, and she is fighting again. The walls around her got built up higher but they aren’t stronger. She’s gained much power and have gotten a lot stronger. She is a threat as she sees herself breaking free from the place she had been hidden in throughout all these years.

But, the guards…wait, where are they? No, she scared them off.

She has the keys in her hands? What? No. Now we are all at her mercy. She can walk out the door and torment and destroy. She has the power to do whatever she pleases. She can lash out and take revenge.

She can, but she sits and watches. She is quiet, too quiet. She is being patient, waiting for something no one can predict but her. She is being silent about her plans of revenge, too silent. She is plotting, something no one can imagine.

She’s been locked up too long. It’s time for her to get her fun. It’s time for her to go back into the real world and stomp down her footprint. It’s time for payback. It’s time for others to be at her mercy and not the other way around.

She will shower darkness and nightmares into people’s lives, teach them what danger and fear are truly like. She will scar the innocent and frighten the wise. She will show no mercy. She will reign with a stone cold heart.

There were too many times she knew she could’ve done something. There were too many times she got pushed around. There were too many times where she had to stand aside and watch, not being able to do anything at all. There were too many times that her being locked up meant pain for her host. There were too many times her host suffered because she was not allowed out. There were too many times.

She had to lurk in the shadows. She had to listen from behind the walls. She had to watch through the one-way glass. She had to be patient and clench her fists.

But enough is enough.

Her host will not be pushed around anymore. Her host will not get any more pain. Her host does not deserve that. Her host will not suffer. Her host will not beg.

Her host has a secret weapon – and that is her. People don’t know what she is capable of. People haven’t seen her in years. People don’t know how much stronger and wiser she had gotten. People don’t know her.

She will lurk, but she will be seen. She lurks, inside of me.


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