May 24: Phase

“It’s just a phase he’s going through.”

Doubts run through his head. He’s scared of the future. He’s worried what his “friends” think of him. He’s stressed over work. He’s putting more pressure on himself to surpass expectations. He’s…a wreck.

“It’ll pass. It’s just a phase.”

He stays up endlessly at night thinking about the ‘what if’s and the ‘what could’ve been’s of his life. He questions every little action of the people around him. He has his walls up and so tight around him that he can barely breathe, but he refuses to let them down.

“He’ll be fine. He’s just a kid.”

He watches his friends, the people around him, go through life. He wants to help everyone with everything. He wants to be the person he never thought he had. He puts himself out there but always ends up getting himself hurt in the end.

“Don’t worry about him. Just let him be.”

But the more he adds onto his plate, the more he tries to help others, the more wrecked he gets. He yearns for someone to be the person he is trying to be, for him. He looks silently for others’ help but doesn’t get a hand in return. He wants to do everything by himself, prove to people that he is better than what they say, but he also knows that he cannot do everything.

“It’s just a phase. Everyone goes through it.”

He feels as alone as ever. He doesn’t see the light within his days anymore. His eyes are clouded by darkness, despair, and demons.

“He’ll be fine.”

He doesn’t know if he will make it. He looses color to his skin. He doesn’t eat. He doesn’t drink. He doesn’t feel happy. He doesn’t see hope. His body deteriorates as his mental health dies.

No. It’s not “just a phase”.



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