He Brings Her Back

She looks into his eyes. There’s something different about him. There’s something different…about her when she’s with him.

“It’s…just…different…” She explains to her friends, not knowing what else to say.

“I know” Her best friend smiles. Her best friend doesn’t know how to describe it either. They see this boy bringing back the happy girl they use to know.

When she’s with him, a different side of her comes out – a side her friends haven’t seen in years.

She’s…genuinely happy. She’s…smiling more. She’s…looking forward to a lot.

She doesn’t know how to explain it. She knows she’s different when she’s with him. She knows she reverts to her old self – the one who is not paranoid 24/7, the one who does not have her walls heavily up around her, the one who does not have an ice cold heart.

She has missed this side of her. She didn’t know where it went or when she’d ever see it again. She didn’t think it still existed inside of her. She didn’t think it was possible to go back.

But now she sees her old self in her eyes when she looks into the mirror. She sees light in the life around her. She sees hope in the world. She feels her heart beating in her chest. She has light fighting to be seen in her eyes.

She looks into his eyes and believes that he can see everything that is her but loves her anyways. She looks up and feels vulnerable but doesn’t hide in fear. She looks at him and smiles…genuinely smiles and feels the happiness in her heart.