One Night. One Memory. One.

Dressed up all nice and fancy. Elegant gowns and suits with ties. Photos and dinner, princesses and princes. A night to remember for life.

Walk in on his arm, hand holding the dress up the slightest. See the lights from above and the room full of cheer. The crowds open up and welcome you in. That butterfly feeling gets replaced with joy and warmth within.

Loud music changes to soft slow music and couples hold together. Seconds feels like minutes, and minutes feel like forever. It’s that moment in the spotlight everyone watches on the television screens.

Everything seems to slow down. You look into their eyes and your heart melts as the sounds around you all fade away. You want to freeze time and live in that moment, to just stay.

The moon shines from above and the breeze gets colder. He drapes his coat over her shoulders and holds her a little closer. The night calms down and the darkness grows, but there is no fear because everyone knows…

It’s a night to remember. It’s a night to never forget.

Every thing is going to be okay.


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