An Online Story

She wanted a friend. She didn’t care whether they cared or not. She didn’t care if she didn’t know who they were. She wanted someone to talk to. She wanted to have the power to drop them without it hurting her more than them, if it hurt her at all. She wanted company. She wanted to be wanted more than she wanted them.

She went online. She met a friend.

Her friend understood the fact that it was not easy to get close to her. She had always had her walls up since childhood after all. Her friend understood that she was a strong individual who should not be messed with. She had been through a lot and knew she could survive walking to hell and back. She wasn’t afraid.

They began talking. She liked the company.

She wasn’t expecting to talk to her friend more than once or twice. She wasn’t expecting for them to have a personal interest in getting to know her. She wasn’t expecting for them to find her interesting or want to keep talking.

She was wrong. They wanted her more than she wanted them.

They messaged her in the morning. They talked about some things, being brief and unspecific on details. They talked about life and questioned “the status quo” in many circumstances.

She never knew having someone online would be so nice. She didn’t have to deal with them knowing all her friends and being attached to her life in that way. She didn’t have to deal with seeing them on a daily basis and always got to have the space she wanted, or needed.

She never knew this friend of hers would care about her so much. They checked up on her and noticed when she was having a rough day. They asked her, despite her short and undescriptive answers, and tried to cheer her up or make her day better. They were there for her, even when she hadn’t asked for them to be.

She didn’t know what to think after awhile. Had she met someone who honestly cared about her, for her?