May 13: Vision

I see the clouds heavy with rain. She sees the blue sky hiding behind them.
I see the gloom and darkness. She sees the light and joy.
I see everything that could go wrong. She sees everything that’s going right.
I see all the mistakes I’ve made. She sees all I’ve done right.

We see the world in such different perspectives.

Dark colors calm me. Bright colors gives her life.
I like meaningful lyrics. She loves to just dance around.
I like being alone. She loves company.
Silence is music to my ears. She can’t stand it.

We are such different people.

I see the dark past in people. She sees the goodness that still lives.
I see past their mask and acts to cover. She sees what they want her to.
I see the hidden messages. She sees what is obvious and clear.
I see nothing when the future is unclear. She sees the existence of a future.

How is it that we are like this?